• Chemical Skin Peels
  • Chemical Skin Peels
  • Chemical Skin Peels
  • Chemical Skin Peels

What is it?

Skin Peels offer a revolutionary way to effectively treat ageing skin, acne, reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation. As a regular treatment, it can also help the skin to appear smoother, brighter and plumper.

We use the latest generation of peels, such as NeoStrata, which are kind as well as intensely effective in delivering results.    NeoStrata peels can be used on the face, the neck, the chest and the hands and can be used on all types of skin including: fine skin, normal skin or greasy or thick skin, providing stunning results across a range of skin conditions for smoother skin texture.

How does it work?

There are several types of peel available depending on what you would like to achieve. A chemical face peel may only take about ten minutes, however an initial consultation would be carried out prior to treatment to ensure that the treatment is right for you and that you know what to expect after your treatment. You will always be advised on the best level of peel to address your skin concerns.

The Results

After your peel you may need to allow some down time. During this time old skin will come away leaving new fresh skin below. Your down-time will be between one day and two weeks depending on which peel strength you decide on.




Treatment Information

Treatment TimeApproximately 20 minutes
Recovery TimeImmediately
Repeat Treatments6 treatments done over 2-3 week intervals is recommended to obtain the best results.
Post-treatment CareCompletely avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours.

Service details

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