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An anti wrinkle treatment offered across Hampshire by Andrea Jones Aesthetics

As the skin ages, it gradually loses some of its collagen and fat. These are the materials that prevent the skin from becoming saggy. Thus, as we age our skin can become thinner and more wrinkled and lined.

Dermal fillers help to resume our skin to its former youthful appearance. Material is injected into the skin where it needs to be plumped up again and made to look firmer. It provides an instant result that will significantly reduce or even completely smooth out wrinkles.

The leading dermal filler used by most UK practitioners is a hyaluronic acid based product. This particular brand is manufactured using bacteria. Again this product comes in different thicknesses and is called Restylane, Juvaderm or Teosyal.


During your visit to the clinic, a consultation will take place allowing you to explain what you expect from a dermal filler and how you would like to look afterwards.

The practitioner will discuss any potential problems and possible side effects connected with the treatment. Discussions on which filler is best for you and cost will be incorporated in the consultation.

A full medical history will take place to make sure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have the treatment.

You will be asked to read detailed information and sign a consent form which means you understand what the treatment may do, along with any potential side effects from the filler being used.

An anaesthetic cream is applied to the area 30 minutes before. This helps numb the area to be treated and reduces pain when the needle is inserted into the skin.


The results are immediate and effectively prevent and correct all the signs of ageing in a highly natural way. The suppleness, elasticity and tone of the skin are naturally restored, giving the appearance of a non- surgical face lift.

Follow up treatment

Depending on the type of filler used and the area treated, top up treatments are usually required to maintain the effect.

Recovery time for dermal fillers

Depending on the area treated, and which filler is used, treatment times can vary from around 30 minutes to an hour and recovery can be from a few hours to a few days. However most people can return straight back to work after treatment with dermal fillers.

The effects of dermal fillers can last up to 18 months depending on the areas of the face and severity of the wrinkle.

Dermal Filler Prices


  • 0.55 ml syringe


  • 1 ml syringe


  • 2.0 ml syringe


  • Cheek Enhancements
  • 1 ml syringe


  • Cheek Enhancements
  • 2 ml syringe

Tear Troughs (Redensity)

  • 1 ml syringe
  • 4 week review - top up if required - £100 per ml

Treatment Information

Treatment Time30 minutes to 1 hour
Recovery TimeImmediately
Results TimeImmediately
Treatment DurationUp to 18 months

Service details

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